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Across all social networks, there are some types of social signals that pack a bigger punch than others. A prime example of which being LinkedIn Endorsements, which can and often do make all the difference.

The question being – should you buy LinkedIn Endorsements for your profile, or hang around and wait for them to accumulate organically?

A Question of Credibility
In all instances, the motivation to buy Endorsements on LinkedIn is always the same. On platforms like these, credibility is everything.

On LinkedIn, it’s perfectly possible to have a stunning profile, an impressive resume and an admirable track-record in whatever it is you do. Nevertheless, you could also find yourself attracting little to no attention whatsoever.

If this is the case, it could be that you lack the social signals needed to paint a picture of credibility. The idea being that when you buy LinkedIn Endorsements, you immediately enhance your credibility and authority in the eyes of others.

Some choose not to buy Endorsements on LinkedIn and wait for them to accumulate organically, but there are no guarantees in the meantime.

Why Should I Buy Endorsements on LinkedIn?

Making a name for yourself on platforms like LinkedIn is all about standing out from the crowd. The problem being that with hundreds of millions of users based all over the world, you’re up against pretty ferocious competition to say the least.

LinkedIn Endorsements (and other social signals) are used instinctively by all LinkedIn users to evaluate the authority and credibility of the profiles they come across. It’s one thing to proclaim your excellence in any given area, but it’s something else entirely for another person to provide verification.

This is what LinkedIn Endorsements are – verifications of your skills, talents, knowledge, background, experience, capabilities and so on.

This is why every time you buy a LinkedIn skill Endorsement, for example, you inspire confidence in those examining your profile. Rather than taking your word at face value, they’re provided with verification in the form of Endorsements. If you don’t have enough Endorsements to send the right message, they’re unlikely to give you a second thought.

All of which is precisely why professionals and businesses worldwide now regularly buy LinkedIn Endorsements, ensuring they stand out from the crowd and make their voices heard above the noise.

Does Buying LinkedIn Endorsements Actually Work?

You need only consider the following everyday scenario to understand the power and importance of LinkedIn Endorsements:

1. A head-hunter is on the lookout for a suitable candidate for a project or position
2. They come across a handful of candidates who appear to fit the profile
3. Two of these candidates have extensive Endorsements to verify their capabilities
4. The other three have no Endorsements on LinkedIn whatsoever
5. Instinctively, those with extensive verification of their skills are prioritized

It’s a little like applying for a job the old fashioned way and failing to provide references. If you aren’t able to verify your skills, your background and your capabilities, there’s a good chance they won’t take you seriously.

The short answer is therefore yes – buying LinkedIn Endorsements works. However, this is only the case if you exclusively purchase high quality LinkedIn Endorsements from authentic and active accounts. Under no circumstances should you ever pay for cheap and low-grade Endorsements from a shady seller – they could cost you your reputation.

How Can I Buy LinkedIn Endorsements Safely?

Most social signals are taken on face value alone. You see a bunch of likes, you don’t question where they came from – you just accept them for what they are.

LinkedIn Endorsements are entirely different, as you can expect your Endorsements to be scrutinized pretty intensively. If it’s an endorsement of a key skill, capability or knowledge area, those taking an interest in your profile will understandably dig deep. Precisely why you cannot afford to take risks on low-grade Endorsements under any circumstances.

At Socio Cosmos, we provide a comprehensive range of promotional services for LinkedIn at competitive prices. Whether looking to order 5, 25 or 55 Endorsements for your profile, we guarantee the total package of flawless quality and unbeatable value for money.

Most importantly, we exclusively provide 100% authentic LinkedIn Endorsements from active and verified accounts, within our own private networks. This ensures that every LinkedIn Endorsement we provide is completely undetectable from the real thing, maintaining the authenticity and authority of your profile.

How Does it Work?

We’ve streamlined and simplified the purchase process for the benefit of the clients we work with. If you’re ready to get started, it’s simply a case of placing your order online, indicating how many Endorsements you would like to purchase and where they should be applied. We’ll then get to work on the delivery process over a strategic time period to maintain authenticity, keeping you in the loop at all times for total peace of mind.

Just a few examples of our most popular packages of LinkedIn Endorsements available right now include the following:

  • 50 LinkedIn Endorsements delivered within six working days
  • 100 LinkedIn Endorsements delivered within eight working days
  • 1000 LinkedIn Endorsements delivered within 20 working days
  • 2500 LinkedIn Endorsements delivered within 24 working days
  • 5000 LinkedIn Endorsements delivered within 28 working days

If you have any questions or concerns after delivery, you can also count on Socio Cosmos’s comprehensive aftercare service. Call anytime to learn more about our exclusive promotional services for LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rounding things off, we’ll now be taking a quick look at some of the most important questions on the subject of buying LinkedIn Endorsements, with concise answers below:

Do LinkedIn Endorsements Matter?
LinkedIn Endorsements are widely considered to be a ‘make or break’ measurement of your credibility and authority. If you want to be taken seriously, you need Endorsements on your profile.

Can You Buy LinkedIn Endorsements?

Yes – buying LinkedIn Endorsements is simple and affordable, but it is essential to ensure you stick exclusively with 100% real LinkedIn Endorsements.

What Do You Mean by ‘Real’ LinkedIn Endorsements?

By real, we mean Endorsements’ that are sourced exclusively from active and authentic LinkedIn accounts, which may be checked an by those viewing your profile.

Is It Safe To Buy LinkedIn Endorsements?

Just as long as you buy them exclusively from a top-rated seller you can trust, there is no risk.


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