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Cast your mind back just a short while and you may recall a few notorious instances where Facebook Events got entirely out of control. Not the most agreeable outcome for those concerned, but an illustration of just how influential and popular Facebook Events can be.

If you’re looking to ensure your next Event goes off with a bang, why not buy Facebook Event Attendees to send the right message to your audience?

Buying Facebook Event Attendees

Back in 2011, a teenage girl organised her 16th birthday party via Facebook, not realizing she actually created a public Facebook Event. With absolutely no efforts whatsoever on her part, she suddenly found herself with 16,000 Attendees from near and far planning on turning up.

To the average family household, this is (of course) an absolute disaster. To an event organiser, a marketer or a business owner, it’s the Holy Grail – an absolute dream come true. Generating this kind of exposure for events (and the businesses behind them) doesn’t normally come cheap or easy. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly possible to push things in the right direction by buying Facebook Event Attendees.

When you buy Facebook Event Attendees, you capitalise on a kind of ‘pack’ mentality. The more popular your Event appears, the more appealing it becomes in the eyes of prospective Attendees. For obvious reasons, a public Event with 16,000 confirmed Attendees appears far more interesting and appealing than a similar Event with just six Attendees.

Again, when looking at things from perspective of an event organiser or business.

Why Facebook Events are a Big Deal for Marketers

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in the world for marketing products, services and businesses in general. There are various ways of using Facebook for marketing purposes, but setting up Facebook Events is one of the most popular of all. Along with being inexpensive, Facebook Events are easy to set up and can also be surprisingly simple to promote.

You can set up an Event for almost any purpose, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t attract enough Attendees. You can leave things to their own devices and hope for the best, or you can take matters into your own hands and buy Facebook Event Attendees.

Even if the Attendees you buy aren’t actually going to attend your Event, the message they send about the popularity and appeal of your Event really can make all the difference.

Why Should I Buy Facebook Event Attendees?

On the surface, buying Facebook Event Attendees that have no intention of attending your Event may seem strange. In reality, buying Event Attendees at the right time and in the right numbers can make a huge difference.

This is because ‘herd instinct’ kicks in – the pack mentality we touched upon earlier. When an Event attracts Attendees in large numbers, others are instinctively compelled to check it out and see what’s happening. Hence, if you buy 10,000 Attendees to boost the perceived popularity of your Event, you’re far more likely to attract organic Attendees as a result.

In addition, marketing and advertising your Facebook Event the old fashioned way can be time-consuming and impractical. You could invest all the time and effort in the world in your marketing strategy, only for very few people to take an interest in your Event. The alternative being to buy Facebook Event Attendees to portray your Event as something the world needs to check out, capitalising on the whole FOMO thing – fear of missing out.

Whichever way you look at it, popularity holds the key to success on platforms like these. Given that popularity is a matter of pure perception alone, it can be just as effective to buy Facebook Event Attendees than to work on attracting them the traditional way.

Is it Safe to Buy Facebook Event Attendees?

It should be pretty obvious that if you’re are going to pay for Facebook Event Attendees, you need to make sure the whole thing is as legit and discreet as possible. If it becomes clear you’ve ‘faked it’ with a bunch of cheap and spammy Attendees from completely random accounts, it isn’t going to do your credibility (or that of your Event) any favours.

This is why it is essential to ensure that when you purchase Facebook Event Attendees, you verify the quality and authenticity of each and every one of them. At Socio Cosmos, we exclusively provide 100% authentic social signals from active accounts with real human owners. All of which means that when you buy Facebook Event Attendees from us, you buy Attendees that are completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

We currently offer two types of Attendees for Facebook Events – those that are confirmed as going to the Event and those that are interested in the Event. Some of our most popular products and packages available right now include the following:

  • 100 Facebook Event Attendees delivered within 2 working days
  • 250 Facebook Event Attendees delivered within 2 working days
  • 500 Facebook Event Attendees delivered within 3 working days
  • 1,000 Facebook Event Attendees delivered within 4 working days
  • 10,000 Facebook Event Attendees delivered within 6 working days

Place your order online in just a few clicks, or contact a member of the team at Socio Cosmos anytime for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rounding things off, we’ll now be taking a brief look at a few frequently asked questions on the subject of buying Facebook Events, with concise answers provided for each.

Does Buying Facebook Event Attendees Really Work?
Yes, for the simple reason that you cannot expect your Event to be taken seriously if it doesn’t have at least a decent number of people planning to attend it.

Will Facebook Close Or Suspend My Account?
Just as long as you stick with high-quality Event Attendees from active Facebook accounts with real human owners, they are undetectable and indistinguishable from the real thing.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Legit Facebook Event Attendees?
Prices vary from one product and package to the next, though our high-quality Facebook Event Attendees start from just $2.00.

Will The Attendees I Buy Actually Attend My Event?
No – they simply appear on your advertised Event to paint a picture of popularity. If you buy 10,000 Facebook Event Attendees, these 10,000 people will not turn up at your door!

Can I Buy Facebook Event Attendees Using Bitcoin?
Yes – Socio Cosmos accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrency payments including Bitcoin, which are processed safely and securely via


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